Paragard IUD Lien Resolution

Paragard is a hormone-free, T-shaped birth control device whose layer of copper prevents sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg. Although according to the manufacturer, the device can last up to 10 years once placed inside the uterus and is removable, many women have said that the device caused injuries when it broke or fractured inside them when they tried to have it removed. Complications with Paragard may include infertility, death, IUD breakage upon removal, surgeries, and hysterectomy. Originally in 1984 following its FDA approval, Paragard was given only to women in monogamous relationships with one child. After 2005, recommended patients were expanded to women of all states of reproductive life from the age of 16 to menopause. With the plaintiff’s population consisting solely of women of varying ages, all types of healthcare lien such as Medicare, Medicaid, Private Health Insurance, and Military health insurance, are in play in this litigation.

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