What We Do:

Litigation services and consulting

Law firms and legal departments continue to seek out innovative ways to incorporate technology-enabled solutions to better serve their clients and business stakeholders at all levels. To that end, LitPRO works with legal practitioners in two different ways: outsourced litigation services and traditional consulting.

On the transactional services side, LitPRO engages with clients on outsourced services for parties involved in single event and complex mass tort litigations. This work includes healthcare lien resolution, global program administration, and mass tort lien resolution.

Additionally, LitPRO engages in management consulting and auditing projects with law firms and corporations seeking to refine their processes and ensure compliance best practices.

Setting the standard for best practice.

Driven by a clear mission and solid values

A modern legal practice should take advantage of business strategies and technologies that the big corporations have been leveraging for decades. Therefore, LitPRO’s mission is to simplify and enhance our clients’ businesses through the incorporation of subject-matter expertise and streamlined processes. We aim to set the standard for best practices in the legal and compliance process outsourcing industries, and we are dedicated to providing impeccable client service and value to our clients in every interaction.

LitPRO believes that the practice of law should be organized, efficient and manically- focused on the client’s ideal experience.

Dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal industry.

As a female-owned business with ethnic minority representation at the leadership level, LitPRO has a vested interest in promoting a diverse legal community of individuals with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds.

We believe the future of law calls for a mixture of differences among legal professionals at all levels, including age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, veteran status, and sexual orientation. We know that diverse representation in legal practice and throughout our courts drives performance, problem-solving, innovation, and resilience. LitPRO believes we have a responsibility to be a conscious part of this effort not just because it benefits our clients and our business bottom-line, but also because it is the right thing to do.

We aim to encourage diverse representation in every aspect of our consulting work. Additionally, in an effort to ourselves be a more mindful consumer, we consider diversity and inclusion initiatives when selecting business partners and vendors to work with and alongside.

LitPRO is committed to a culture of equality and will continue to join forces with other legal professionals to promote positive change in the legal industry.

Our Story

Established in 2018, LitPRO is led by an experienced management team with an extensive background in legal process outsourcing and consulting. We bring a true consultative, client-focused approach to every engagement. Our mission is to deliver best in class service by leveraging technology and subject-matter expertise, achieving best results while also bringing compassion and humility to every interaction.

Transforming legal services with modernized methods and heart.

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