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Global Lien Program Administration

In a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) there may be global programs developed to resolve healthcare reimbursement obligations en masse with specific lienholders (e.g. Medicare, Private Plans, or Medicaid). Each global program is different as to the terms, reimbursement amounts, and timelines.

Combining legal expertise, personalized client service, and modern technology to achieve results on a large-scale.

Administrator for global programs

LitPRO facilitates the accurate and secure exchange of data between the participating law firms, the lienholder(s) and the court if required, providing clear and consistent reporting to all sides throughout. LitPRO achieves a high-level of precision in this work by leveraging legal expertise, consistent white-glove client support, and intuitive, user-friendly technology to drive client communication and data exchange through a client portal accessible via Web and mobile application.

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