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Mass Tort Lien Resolution.

Healthcare Lien Resolution

Ensuring regulatory compliance while maximizing settlement dollars.

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Mass Tort Lien Resolution

Tailored, litigation-specific strategies built on experience and lienholder relationships.

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Global Lien Program Administration

Resolving healthcare reimbursement obligations en masse.

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Legal Management Consulting

Targeted work-flow optimization focused on the the business side of legal practice.

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Compliance Audits & Investigations

Full-scale reviews of healthcare lien compliance policies and process improvement recommendations.

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About us

LitPRO is a next generation legal and compliance process outsourcing and consulting company enhancing the way law is practiced. LitPRO offers a portfolio of litigation-specific managed services, with a specialization in healthcare lien resolution. We advise legal professionals on operational and regulatory compliance, technology improvements, and complex litigation strategies.

Led by an experiential team of legal professionals, we create tailored solutions by attorneys for attorneys.

What we do

Outsourced and managed services are the new normal in the legal and compliance industries. Law firms and corporations continue to seek out innovative ways to incorporate technology-enabled solutions to better serve their clients and business stakeholders at all levels. Leveraging deep legal expertise to forge a new way to approach legal process, LitPRO provides litigation-specific services to parties involved in single event and complex mass tort litigations, as well as business management consulting for law firms and corporations.

Setting the standard for best practice.

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