Mass Tort Lien Resolution

Tailored, litigation-specific strategies.

Planning for a mass tort settlement warrants early attention and a solid strategy around potential healthcare liens to ensure timely and accurate reimbursements to insurers. Taking into account the specific nuances of each litigation, LitPRO consults with mass tort attorneys to evaluate potential liens, educate claimants, and develop strategies to address lienholder obligations via global programs and traditional methods.

As the attorney-led team frequently called in to audit other court-appointed lien resolution administrators and their programs, LitPRO sets the standard for efficient and compliant mass tort lien resolution processes.  From pharmaceuticals and medical devices to product liability and environmental exposure, LitPRO has specialized experience handling lien resolution for all types of mass torts and plaintiff groups.

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Process built on LitPRO’s experience, lienholder relationships and resources to manage the largest settlements.

LitPRO has vast experience negotiating and administering mass tort lien resolution programs (“LRP’s”) with Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs and private insurance plans. Additionally, the LitPRO team is staffed and prepped to step in on a moment’s notice as an on-call resource to resolve large numbers of mass tort liens via traditional methods, freeing up in-house firm resources and resulting in lower cost to your clients.

Some of the current mass torts which LitPRO is actively consulting on or resolving liens for are listed below. We encourage attorneys involved in these active litigations or future Multidistrict Litigations (“MDL’s”) to contact us for more information.

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Current Mass Tort PRojects

Please contact us for the services listed below:
  • Benzene Lien Resolution

  • Breast Implants Lien Resolution

  • Composix Kugel Mesh Lien Resolution

  • Endoscope/Duodenoscope Lien Resolution

  • Hip Implants Lien Resolution

  • Laparoscopic Power Morcellation Lien Resolution

  • Sunscreen Lien Resolution

  • Surgical Staplers Lien Resolution

  • Transvaginal/Pelvic Mesh (TVM) Lien Resolution

  • Hernia Mesh Lien Resolution

  • IVC filter Lien Resolution

  • Incretin Mimetics Lien Resolution

  • Ocaliva Lien Resolution

  • Uloric Lien Resolution

  • Zinbryta Lien Resolution

  • Zofran Lien Resolution

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