JUUL Lien Resolution

Juul is an e-cigarette device that delivers nicotine to users through the inhalation of water-based vapors instead of smoke. Initially, these products were advertised as a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. However, recent studies have shown that Juul and other nicotine vaping devices may be just as harmful as regular devices. Many of the consumers of Juul are kids, many of which did not know that Juul contained nicotine. Users of Juul suffered addiction and personal injury due to use of the product.

In December 2022, Juul Labs announced it finalized the terms of a global settlement deal that will resolve 10,000 pending cases in a class action MDL in California. LitPRO has been engaged by law firms to resolve private liens in Juul cases. Because of the ages of these claimants, there is a high percentage of private health insurance liens in these cases which deserve a thoughtful strategy and an expert approach.

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